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Something to Say

To be honest, I think to myself, why would anyone want to read what I write? And then I hear, “Because it’s not about you.” A long time ago I heard, in prayer, “You have something to say.” What? Me? I don’t think so, God. But, at recent prompting of my spirit, I am listening and going to trust. So, to use the jargon of the day, I will speak my truth. I begin by saying I respect the way you live your life, who/what you worship or not, and what you believe. It is easy to respect someone who is honest and doing their best to live well and put that back into the world regardless of how you identify it. I hope that resonates with you and that we share in the common goal.

So, what is the common goal? To be a positive influence in life. When I was in high school I remember having a conversation with my mom, earnestly declaring, “I want to make a difference in the world.” It was a deep yearning and one I hold still. Fast forward many years later and, after truly claiming that, yes, I am an artist (thank you Julia Cameron and The Artists' Way because I could not call myself an artist before that book), I have come to the conclusion that I am supposed to give back through my art. I strive to create glass that resonates and creates a connection with you, whether it be art or jewelry, and magnify that simple joy via our shared perception of beauty, and then use that to donate 10% off the top to charity. You purchase a piece that speaks to your soul, that I created in the Spirit, that ends up helping someone in need. I love the thread that connects us. Makes me intrinsically happy to even write that.

Another goal is to share my journey as I live it and continue figuring it out. Glass, life, God, all of it. I am Christian and I strive to be a woman who both talks the talk and walks the walk. I want to be very real about it – no bullshit or glossing over and absolutely no proselytizing. I will share not only the good stuff that went the right way (aka “God stories”) but also my oh-so-real humanity of mistakes, doubt, fear and all the rest. I am no saint and I cuss and I don’t do things I should and do others I shouldn’t. My hope is that this touches others who are doing the same. We are trying to be the best versions of ourselves/who God made us to be so that we can do our part in making our world a better place.

I think this is a good start. I can’t wait to share “By Big Beautiful Thing” with you and how it is really guiding my life. The road sometimes feels like a tangled ball of yarn, sometimes a straight path and sometimes I wonder what happened to the path because I can't see one. I look forward to sharing this with you and look forward to hearing your comments and what you think.



Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

Leo Buscaglia

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1 Comment

Jerry Bloomfield
Jerry Bloomfield
Feb 22, 2021

God has truly made you an amazing lady! He has given you a gift that is amazing, beautiful and speaks volumes to me. I admire your gift and pray that He carries you far and beyond anything you can imagine! ❤️

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