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Art Glass Spirit is about connection. You see a piece of art or jewelry and feel wonder and excitement, just like I felt when I created it, and I believe that connects us. It goes further than that, though, because it is also about paying it forward. Feeling good about what you are putting back into the world (10% off the top on every sale to be specific) makes both of us happy and connects us in a common goal. It’s all about sharing the beauty of life, both physical and intangible, and making our world a better place.


Artist Statement

Why art glass? Because it is captivating, enchanting and mesmerizing. Nothing else can capture light the way glass can: morphing it through its opacity or translucency; refracting, bouncing and absorbing the light according to the artist’s design; appearing both liquid in its fluidity or hard in its solidity. It is a fascinating medium and I find that my spirit soars with and through the beauty of its many faces.

I discovered glass in 1992 and have been enamored with it ever since. With a home studio in Dallas, TX, I live with my husband and two kids (16 and 20 as of this writing in January 2021), and two large dogs, Angus and Ozzy.

God and the Universe

You can call it God, Allah, the Universe or nothing at all. I respect your belief and I speak openly of mine and how it affects my life and art. The two are inseparable and here is an excerpt about a piece called “In the Sprit” where I use a process called “bits and pieces” that sums it up for me:

“She is free, joyous and full of life. She came together through a process I call “bits and pieces” whereby I put a table of pieces out and start the free form puzzle building. It’s also a form of prayer for me and I love seeing how the Spirit guides it all… As I embrace the creativity that flows through me, it always amazes me that my best work comes when I don’t think. When I get out of the way and let God do his/her thing. Life is full of each of us putting the pieces back together again. The shards of brokenness, what we thought was useless, complete with sharp edges and seemingly good for nothing but trash, end up creating something new and whole. Healing, hope, beauty.”

What Can We Do?

Architectural glass like front door inserts and transoms, useable glass like charcuterie boards and coasters, child drawings and photos adapted to glass, jewelry and more, I love it all and adore working on projects with clients to make their visions a reality. What an honor! Doing what I love to create something you love. Yep. I'm in the right place and I hope you are, too.

Cara Brown

Studio, Dallas, TX

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In The Spirit

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