Art glass is amazing. It contains such opposites and still makes sense. Opaque and translucent, smooth or textured, structured yet free-form. Truly, it is like life, full of different ideas yet able to come together into something beautiful and transcendent.

     How did I find art glass? Taking my first class in 1992 began a life-long exploration of its endless possibilities. I am a self-taught artist with a background in art restoration and business. A few years ago I began to understand and embrace the spirituality of the connection between myself, the work of art and you. When I tune into that, the work becomes more than the sum of its parts… it becomes a connection to each other and to something greater, taking us simultaneously outside of and deeper within ourselves. I find that simply amazing.

     One of my favorite things to do is create something meaningful for a client. For example, take a look at the stained glass wheel made for a lady dedicated to cycling and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you look closely at the wheel you can see “LLS” on the perimeter in a Greek key-like pattern and “blood drops” in the center, combining multiple levels of significance with the mandala (a symbol for the universe), the wheel as the action of cycling (a major way she fundraises for her non-profit) and the colors/symbols subtly integrated reflecting a cause for which she is passionate. It was truly a joy to create and she now has a unique, meaningful and beautiful piece of art.

     What can we create together? Translate a child’s drawing into stained or fused glass? Or, maybe you love jewelry and the way fused glass radiates its beauty. Maybe you have special memories of a place and have a photo you want made into glass. Whatever your passion, I love it all and am excited to collaborate and connect with you, too.

Cara Brown

Studio, Dallas, TX

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